Hello, and welcome to

If you were looking for a Mustang fan site, then I'm sorry to disappoint you. This site was intended as a playground for me to test Java based web applications that I have designed (and which I never really did), and was also a place for potential employers to view my resume (which has since been removed for security reasons). This website has never really amounted to anything more than a place to host files when I need a quick download link. Expect the content here to change rarely (so rarely that my copyright statement at the bottom is automated so I don't have to remember to update it every year).

For those who are curious, I work in the computer security industry (for an anti-virus software company). I no longer state which one, or who I have worked for in the past. Privacy is too precious a thing, and for your own security I recommend that you also don't talk about who you work for. Remember, on the Internet, security should always come first! Keep any personal information private, and you will have a much safer and more secure time on the Internet.

This website was updated in early 2016 to redirect all visitors to a secure connection. That's right, not only do we now fully support HTTPS, but everyone who visits ends up using it automatically. I have tried to make sure that everything is in working order after making the changes, however if I have failed to get something working properly, then please feel free to drop by the forums and let me know.

Since I occasionally get asked why the domain is .ORG instead of .COM I'll say that it's simply because .COM was already taken, and it was not possible to get in contact with the owner to purchase it from them.